Helmet Therapy

Your physician may determine that a remolding orthotic device, known as a ‘helmet’, is best for your child.

Relax...we're here for you.

At the Cranial Therapy Centers, we understand that you may be worried or anxious about your child’s condition. We want you to know that we’re here for you, and will help you navigate the situation with skill and compassion. We have kids too: we understand.

Why Choose Starband


Please be assured that for children who do wear a helmet, it is not a painful experience: it’s usually just the parents who need comforting! Some parents are concerned at the thought of their baby wearing a device on their head. Remember: It’s a temporary phase that lasts between six to eight weeks. The short period will soon fade into the recesses of your memory, but it will have an enduring lifelong positive impact on your child’s appearance and well-being.


We know how sensitive you are to your child’s appearance. That’s why we offer the option of ‘personalizing’ your child’s helmet. A variety of themes are available, or you can use your own creativity to dress up your baby’s corrective headgear!


Based on the cranial scans, your child’s orthotic cranial remolding device helmet will be molded and fabricated within +/- 0.5mm accuracy, manufactured by Orthomerica, the country’s leading producer of this specialized equipment. Our technicians will ensure an ultra-perfect and comfortable fit.


Depending on your child’s specific situation, it is likely that the helmet will need to be adjusted periodically as he improves. Throughout the duration of the helmet therapy, scans are taken at regular intervals to monitor your baby’s progress and keep your doctor apprised of baby’s steady improvement.

If you think that your child may require treatment, please contact us

Why Choose STARband?

One STARband

Our experienced practitioners use the STARband, which allows us to successfully complete treatment for nearly all plagiocephaly patients with a single helmet—versus other providers who may suggest the use of multiple helmets

Cutting Edge Scanning Technology

We utilize the STARscanner & SmartSoc Systems for capturing accurate head shape data alleviating the need for plaster casting. These Data Acquisition Systems are proven to be clinically effective, with published results in leading medical journals.

Gold Standard

  • More than 250,000 infants successfully treated with the STARband
  • Largest selection of cranial remolding orthoses for treatment of Deformational Plagiocephaly and Craniosynostosis
  • The STARband is used in prestigious institutions worldwide
  • Insurance Coverage and Patient Access

    We are contracted with most/all insurance companies, including Medicaid. We also work with many charitable organizations to help ensure that patients who need treatment receive the care they need.

    Clinical Expertise

    Our dedicated team of Certified/Licensed Clinicians are highly educated and participate in on-going training to specialize in cranial remolding helmet treatment.

    Conservative Treatment

    We encourage conservative treatment options, such as repositioning and Tummy Time.