State-of-the-Art Scanning Equipment

At The Cranial Therapy Center we offer advanced scanning of baby’s head shape using the state-of-the-art STARscanner™ Laser Data Acquisition System. This is one of the most advanced equipment available today, designed specifically to assess cranial deformities. The completely safe scan instantly provides precise 3-D data that can be viewed in multiple planes. The scanner is invaluable in helping determine projected growth pattern, and can help a physician chart an effective course of action. By monitoring baby’s progress from early infancy on, physicians can recommend the most effective course of treatment for their patients at the right time. As a courtesy, the initial scan is offered free of charge.


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STARscanner™ avoids the plaster casting for attaining the shape of the infant's head for the helmet. Instead of plaster casting the child is gently placed on the STARscanner™ and his or her head shape is measured by using eye-safe laser's. The scan takes just two seconds or less

Whether your child receives manual therapy or helmet therapy, the STARscanner™ is used throughout the course of treatment to monitor your child’s progress and to determine if any modification in treatment is indicated. Significantly, the STARscanner™ offers a feature that enables your doctor to compare follow-up scans with the initial baseline report, for a pinpoint accurate view of your infant’s progression or improvement. This comparative evaluation will give your physician the information he needs to advise you in how to proceed.

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Scans infant's head shape in two seconds or less

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